Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nullarbor Cottages

Uninterrupted Silence

The only service at Nullarbor Cottages is No Service at all, which is just perfect for the kind of place it is.
My sole communication with management was via email, and that I found rather refreshing.
I got exactly what I wanted - zero people interference, right from the moment I set foot at Nullarbor Cottages, there was even no presence at the rather rustic gate!

The Lonesome horse

Right outside the cottage I was in - Pula Moon, was a beautiful horse that constantly came by to graze, complimenting and supplementing the already surreal feel of the place.


The self catering cottages come complete with a jacuzzi, towels,toilet paper, cutlery and utensils. Outside is a fire place, patio and deck chairs from where one can just breath and detox.
A silent being of the human species comes by to clean up every day.


If one happens to forget any of their conveniences at home, Magaliesburg town is only about 5-10 minutes away by car. Caution! - the road to Nullarbor Cottages is rather rough and not tarred, but aren't all roads that lead to paradise?.

The view

The view is endless, it goes on and on and on and it's simply beautiful.
And at twilight, the temptation to open a bottle of champagne is not to be taken lightly, it must be obeyed!.

The Details

I think you should definitely use them.

Jenny and Des Fernhold
Nullarbor Cottages
Jenny: +27 836528647
Des:     +27 828710437

Chesa Nyama - Balfour park shopping centre

New kid on the block

There is a new eatery in Balfour park shopping center and this one is right after my own heart.
The name Chesa Nyama speaks for itself but for those non-Joburgers/South Africans, I will explain.
It's all about the meat, or should I say grilling/eating it.
I don't know what took so long but one would expect that there would be such a restaurant in just about every mall or on every street corner in South Africa, it is a meat loving population after all, and I am no exception. 

Enough to feed an army.

It must be because they are newly open, or perhaps that's just how they roll but the helpings are quite big.
For R70, I got enough food to feed 2 adults and a 6 year old - for a few days. I tell lies, in today's economy it is shocking. The food itself was above average, the meat done to our perfection, although the chicken nuggets tasted just slightly offish, but then again, it's not the kind of place one should buy chicken nuggets so the kid has herself to blame.

The details.

Balfour Park shopping center.
Shop no: 119/120
Telephone: 011 075 3609

Fairmount Nursery and Tea Garden

Spruce up your garden this summer!

And have yourself a delicious looking muffin while at it.
Can't remember her name now but the resident confectioner does know her story, the presentation was just  as good as the taste, if not better too.
I had a late breakfast at Fairmount nursery and tea garden,it was a lazy afternoon with families gathered for a nice chat and children building sand castles or feeding goats. Very quaint.
The service was not a 100% but i was happy to just relax under the leafy foliage.
The food when it finally arrived was quite good, it came on a wooden slab - I thought it was a nice touch.

Effect on your pocket.

I can't say it's a cheap place to eat at but it's not 5 star dining either so the prices are quite reasonable, for the ambience and peacefulness offered.
I picked up a few plants and herbs on my way out,and for that my garden is a much happier place.

The details 

Give them a call or drop them an email, who knows, you might even like it.
Address: 26 Sandler Road Fairmount, Johannesburg.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Kellow Park Stables

My First time on a horse

I don't know if it's me or if the heading above reads slightly dodgy but let's not lose track,
I had never been on a horse until recently, something i am not very proud to admit but there you have it.
So I was pretty much ecstatic when my Girlfriend surprised me with Groupon tickets for a horse riding experience at sunset - don't you just love Groupon! (as a by the way)
We took along our 6 year old daughter who thought the whole experience was absolutely amazing, strange child didn't even suffer any pains and aches like we did.

The Horse riding Experience

I should be honest, it was more horse trotting than riding,but for a beginner, it was intense!
I always imagined being on a horse would be like sitting on a comfy chair - the movies make it looking so easy, which is why  I did not anticipate the bumpy ride a head of me. I felt like I would fall off any minute and held on tightly for dear life the whole time, sweaty palms and all, not wanting to make any wrong move in case the horse got frightened and I went tumbling down.

What I think of Kellow Park stables

The lady in charge of our troupe was very nice and calming, the rest of the guys leading the horses were also very polite and helpful. It's rustic and laid back, complete with an endless number of dogs, some rather ancient.
The overall experience was great, I only wish I had more time - and money of course, to sharpen my horsewomanship!

Kellow park stables is found in Muldersdrift
and ran by:
Ryan Andrews  -  083 601 3075
Kate Andrews - 083 607 3065

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kensington Spring Fair.

Don't you just love spring?

The flowers blossoming, little buds becoming green crowns on once dried up trees and happy fairs.
I love it!
10 rand pony rides, jumping castles am sadly too old to partake in, over priced drinks and stalls upon stalls of some new and some lovely old things to browse through if not buy.

A fair by the lake

The Kensington Spring Fair takes place every 1st Sunday of September at Rhodes  park in Johannesburg.
It's quite lovely seeing young and old stretch the winter tired bones and breath in the freshness of Spring.
The park is nice and spacious, with little lakes of water scattered about in which green algae floats.
It's all quite quaint.

The Food

One of the reasons i go to these fairs is for the food, i got to taste curry straight from Durban, apparently it had been emailed through a few minutes back, girl was it hot!. I would share about it's after effects on bits and parts of me but there is such a thing as TMI - too much information :-p.

Rhodes Park is found at Cnr Cumberland and Ocean streets.
I will most certainly be there next year for the spring fair!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fresh Earth Food Store

To have your carrot cake and eat it too.

Have you tried out the carrot cake from Fresh Earth? If you haven't, i advise that you pop into their store in Greenside and get one now!
It doesn't matter where in Johannesburg you stay, it's worth the drive if you get to taste their amazing cakes, best of all it's gluten free, as is all of their cakes.
I can't sing enough praises without someone raising eyebrows so, i'll just let you decide for yourself.

Fresh Earth Food Store

They don't only sell cake by the way, they also have a variety of other healthy goodies for you to take home or get delivered like glutn free rice, rye and millet breads, health supplements and herbs, an assortment of nuts and cookies and lovely sesame seed chips to mention but afew.

Check out  their Website  to learn more about them.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Franco's Pizzeria & Trattoria

Franco’s Pizzeria & Trattoria Franco Forleo

Wow, I can still taste the scrumptiously delicious conchiglioni di zucca that I had at Franco Forleo's, what beauty!

Very simple, very cheesy meal filled with the sweetness of butternut that had me scraping at the remains on my plate, I later paid for it of course, but I can’t say I regretted any moment of each mouth watering mouthful, as far as intalian goes, you will want to try these guys out.

The best thing is that a meal at Franco’s pizzeria & Trattoria won’t leave a hole in your pockets the size of the one your just filled, the prices are as great as the food!

Physical Addres; Upper level 54
Tyrone avenue, Parkview
Postal Address; 72297 Parkview 2122
Tel; 011 646 5449
Fax; 011 486 2263

Monday, February 13, 2012

nokia n9 update

I said i would update you on our findings as regards to the nokia n9 and true to my word, i am.
verdict: the n9 is indeed a sleek machine, the swiping can get addictive and what it does it does really well.
Zooming in; that said, i shall now divulge deeper into the pros and cons of this phone.
i wish i had read this or my partner had before going out and with much excitement buying this phone, if we had, chances are that we would not have bought it.
pros; the n9 is the kind of phone that grows on you, the operative word here being 'grows' but who has the time?.
It's lean, it's cool to hold, it's beautiful to behold and of course the camera cannot be faulted, i could go on and on but i think you get where i am going with this,
Most of what's beautiful about this phone is physical, when it comes down to the nitty gritty however, the nokia n9 is very lacking.
cons; - the keypad, only opens out in qwerty mode and like most touch screen phones, doesn't always expand out horizontally so one is left fidgeting around and bumping keys.
- updates have not been sent as promised which makes it almost impossible to use the internet to the full potential of the phone's capacity and nokia isn't making promises on when they will be.
-there is no drafts folder, all messages are stored in one folder which piles up to quite a messy pile, very confusing.
-it's not user friendly, at the risk of sounding like an 80 year old woman, nokia has been renowned for being simple yet very sophisticated and very user friendly and perhaps they hoped to spread their wings a little with the n9 and might have succeeded if maybe they had spent just a little longer chiseling the phone and how it's supposed to operate and compete out in the big bad world.
- most of the apps are not built in, chances are that the ones one wants are not supported.

I could go on and on but what it comes down to is that buying the nokia n9 is next to buying an over priced camera.
The least nokia can do for it's loyal customers is religiously make every effort to ensure that those who went out and bought this phone because of their faith in nokia and it's integrity are not neglected and let down because the phone industry today is as volatile as the showbiz industry.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nokia n9

So my partner recently upgraded from a sony ericsson to a nokia n9, I'm not much of a tech geek but I must say, from a distance, I was very impressed,it's a very sleek machine, my number one irritation was the faction that it uses a micro sim, which to my understaning is only different from the sims we are all(or maybe I should speak for myself) used to by size.
The fact that a sim swap with nokia costs R130 is something I find hard to understand, what could they be doing that costs that much, especially since brand new sims in the store cost 99c. Call me ignorant but I feel ripped off.
My number two irritation is that meeGO doesn't support apps most phones operating systems support easily, in the past day and half I have come across more words like symbian,iOS to last me a while, I really hope up dates for n9 to make it more user friendly are availed Soon.the reviews seem to hint on speed,agility,flexibility,sleekness yet my partner has had trouble connecting to wap. And getting internet settings from mtn since she got the phone.
I have a lot of respect for nokia and hope that we will finally find our way around using this phone as it does look and feel very impressive but at the moment, we are not having it easy at all.I will keep you all updated on our journey with the n9 and for our sakes and mostly my partner's seeing as she was so excited to get it, I hope it's a happily ever after.
One thing's for sure, the camera is superb.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Gillooly's farm

Gillooly’s farm.

We went to gilooly’s on a Tuesday, which meant that we practically had the whole place to ourselves.
Mrs sippi blue restaurant just by the lake has a bluesy feel to it, they played quiet music and we ate our lunch looking at the ducks play in the water, unfortunately outside was too windy as this was in august.
The food was ok, nothing to write home about, I had nachos, which were sadly not the original nachos chips I like but the doritos impersonation.

Little one had chips and a hotdog, the chips came in a little basket, loads of them, we later fed what was left of them to the ducks, who seemed awfully hungry.
We then went off into the park, which is well maintained and well equipped and burnt off the food on the swings, slides and climbing thingies.
A few people walked their dogs, others just sat quietly, the set up was just amazing.
Gillooly’s farm is quite ideal for family picnics, a lover’s stroll or simply a walk in the park.

Gillooly’s farm is open daily and entrance is free.

Easily accessible from the R24 and N3
5 minutes from east gate, 10 minutes from OR Tambo.

Tel: 011 453 8066/2207/8252
Fax: 011 453 3298
Postal address: Box 467 Bedfordview, 2008
Physical Address: Boeing Road West, Bedfordview.
Previous Address:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The price of kinderjoy

Dynamite comes in small packages.

I'm not an ardent fun myself but my 5year old believes that the sun sets and rises out of kinderjoy, i have to say, the toys are very sweet, the latest addition to her collection was a floating paper bunny, too cute.
The price of one is  usually +-R6.99, give or take a few cents at most department stores, ofcourse the garage 24hr convenience shops make a killing by pricing them close to +-R14 each, which is absolutely ridiculous but a small price to pay for all the joy it brings to little hearts. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

magalies meander

Magaliesburg meander has always fascinated me, I don’t know why, I mean it’s a beautiful stretch of road no doubt but it’s always led me on a personal trip in my mind(not that I ever need any push really, dreamer that I am)
I got a chance to stop over during the holiday season with my partner and must say I enjoyed brunching under the eaves and lunching on a lovely slope and waffles at a little joint, can’t say much about the waffles but it felt homily and homily is always good, especially over Christmas.
But I’m getting ahead of myself, why don’t I start at the beginning and tell you all about it.

Magaliesburg restaurant.:
My partner and I both love discovering new places, especially new places that are cosy and ensconced away along a beautiful stretch of road on a cloudy evening in parts of the cities where one can easily make out the stars and the moon is clearly visible.
I had a latte and we shared a waffle, (we are trying to find the best waffle place by elimination method) I can’t say that we will be eating waffles at magalieburg restaurant when in the vicinity again but I do know that I would go back for the feel and the atmosphere.
A small restaurant, I unfortunately did not taste their food but the prices looked good and they had some great stuff on the menu.
Physical address;98 rustenburg road, R24.
Tel; Ronnie; 082 791 5046
Lance; 076 641 9761