Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fresh Earth Food Store

To have your carrot cake and eat it too.

Have you tried out the carrot cake from Fresh Earth? If you haven't, i advise that you pop into their store in Greenside and get one now!
It doesn't matter where in Johannesburg you stay, it's worth the drive if you get to taste their amazing cakes, best of all it's gluten free, as is all of their cakes.
I can't sing enough praises without someone raising eyebrows so, i'll just let you decide for yourself.

Fresh Earth Food Store

They don't only sell cake by the way, they also have a variety of other healthy goodies for you to take home or get delivered like glutn free rice, rye and millet breads, health supplements and herbs, an assortment of nuts and cookies and lovely sesame seed chips to mention but afew.

Check out  their Website  to learn more about them.

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