Monday, February 13, 2012

nokia n9 update

I said i would update you on our findings as regards to the nokia n9 and true to my word, i am.
verdict: the n9 is indeed a sleek machine, the swiping can get addictive and what it does it does really well.
Zooming in; that said, i shall now divulge deeper into the pros and cons of this phone.
i wish i had read this or my partner had before going out and with much excitement buying this phone, if we had, chances are that we would not have bought it.
pros; the n9 is the kind of phone that grows on you, the operative word here being 'grows' but who has the time?.
It's lean, it's cool to hold, it's beautiful to behold and of course the camera cannot be faulted, i could go on and on but i think you get where i am going with this,
Most of what's beautiful about this phone is physical, when it comes down to the nitty gritty however, the nokia n9 is very lacking.
cons; - the keypad, only opens out in qwerty mode and like most touch screen phones, doesn't always expand out horizontally so one is left fidgeting around and bumping keys.
- updates have not been sent as promised which makes it almost impossible to use the internet to the full potential of the phone's capacity and nokia isn't making promises on when they will be.
-there is no drafts folder, all messages are stored in one folder which piles up to quite a messy pile, very confusing.
-it's not user friendly, at the risk of sounding like an 80 year old woman, nokia has been renowned for being simple yet very sophisticated and very user friendly and perhaps they hoped to spread their wings a little with the n9 and might have succeeded if maybe they had spent just a little longer chiseling the phone and how it's supposed to operate and compete out in the big bad world.
- most of the apps are not built in, chances are that the ones one wants are not supported.

I could go on and on but what it comes down to is that buying the nokia n9 is next to buying an over priced camera.
The least nokia can do for it's loyal customers is religiously make every effort to ensure that those who went out and bought this phone because of their faith in nokia and it's integrity are not neglected and let down because the phone industry today is as volatile as the showbiz industry.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nokia n9

So my partner recently upgraded from a sony ericsson to a nokia n9, I'm not much of a tech geek but I must say, from a distance, I was very impressed,it's a very sleek machine, my number one irritation was the faction that it uses a micro sim, which to my understaning is only different from the sims we are all(or maybe I should speak for myself) used to by size.
The fact that a sim swap with nokia costs R130 is something I find hard to understand, what could they be doing that costs that much, especially since brand new sims in the store cost 99c. Call me ignorant but I feel ripped off.
My number two irritation is that meeGO doesn't support apps most phones operating systems support easily, in the past day and half I have come across more words like symbian,iOS to last me a while, I really hope up dates for n9 to make it more user friendly are availed Soon.the reviews seem to hint on speed,agility,flexibility,sleekness yet my partner has had trouble connecting to wap. And getting internet settings from mtn since she got the phone.
I have a lot of respect for nokia and hope that we will finally find our way around using this phone as it does look and feel very impressive but at the moment, we are not having it easy at all.I will keep you all updated on our journey with the n9 and for our sakes and mostly my partner's seeing as she was so excited to get it, I hope it's a happily ever after.
One thing's for sure, the camera is superb.